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MixPuppy is the professional name of music writer, composer, and performer, Bob Hughes.

MixPuppy is known for his electronic dance music (EDM). MixPuppy has performed on venues with such artist as Crystal Method, Fat Boy Slim and has performed at two of the Ultra Music Festivals in Miami. Mixpuppy as a DJ is often seen in Miami, Tampa and Atlanta top clubs. MixPuppy is home based in the Atlanta, Georgia. When listening to the electronic dance music of MixPuppy you can hear hints of jazz flavor of the South, as well as influences of rock, soul and hip hop.

MixPuppy's first album "Solar Boom" was released January 2006

Second album "LUCY LOVE" is to be released in September 2016

MixPuppy music can be found at most Internet music download sites including iTunes and Amazon. If you are wanting to book MixPuppy for an event or appearance just email us at info@mixpuppy.com.

"I want to thank each person that enjoys my music and perofrmances: keep on living and enjoying life, dancing, coming to my events and again thanks for listening to my music. Bring a little peace and love to this world." MixPuppy

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