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MixPuppy is the professional name of music writer, composer, DJ, and performer, Bob Hughes. Bob was born and grew up in Winter Haven, Florida. Bob started performing music as a teenager and has enjoyed making music for a number of years. Hughes finished college at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. MixPuppy music is created by Bob using drums, keyboards, musical instruments, Korg synthesizers, vocoders, mixers, electronic drums and his computer.

In 2003 Bob Hughes (Mixpuppy) and James Beard (Jay-Mac) opened one of the best music recording studios in Atlanta (Druid Hills Area) named "Jakumi". It became one of the top recording studios in Atlanta and was used by many top artists including Beyonce, 50cent, Eminem, MA$E, Puffy, Ciara, Cee-lo Green and many other artists back in the day. The Jakumi studio closed in 2008

The name "MixPuppy" came from all of the puppies that Bob and his wife Carol have rescued over the years. Specially, "Lucy" who is half husky and half golden retriever (what a beautiful mix). The Mixpuppy album soon to be released is named "Lucy Love" and her baby picture is on the cover.

Mixpuppy enjoys his DJ performances. Mixpuppy has appeared at many of the top clubs and venues in a number of cities including Club Space in Miami and Ultra Music Festival - Miami Beach. Mixpuppy has opened for many well known artists such as Crystal Method and Fat Boy Slim. The electronic dance music (EDM) by Mixpuppy includes house, techno and ambient. MixPuppy's album "Solar Boom" is in stores and available on most download sites like iTunes, Amazon, Google and Spotify.

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